The Event is not just outside It's Under Many Covers for Music and Vendor Shopping. Come out we will be open late Saturday for the
Burning of the HarvestMan!
Burning of Harvestman
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Samhain is a Gaelic festival marking the end of the harvest season. It is the end of the Celtic year when the Holly King defeats the Oak King "The Bringer of Light" and the beginning of winter or the "darker half" of the year. We burn the Harvestman in honor of the fallen Oak King as a symbolic funeral. " Out of the Ashes he will be reborn."

Kevin Axtell

A dynamic blend of fire juggling, fire spinning, dance, theater, and fire magic. Kevin has selected a unique team of pyro artist to create a mesmerizing and magical fire celebration for honoring the Celtic New Year!! 
One of the top fire spinners in the world, "Kevin's solo fire show is a demonstration of excellence." -Tolly Burkan, Author and Firewalking founder

on and off stage

from all around the world
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Beastcub Creatures 
Let your imagination come alive with the spectacular Beastcub Creatures. Some scary, some cute, brought to life to wander the streets of All Hallows. Handmade creations crafted and performed by the Beastcub herself. They will appear at random as the day goes on so keep an eye out for these fur covered creatures as you enjoy the faire. WEBSITE

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Hearts of Khyber
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Hearts of Khyber is a collective of musicians and dancers who represent the nomads that traveled the ancient Silk Road. While crossing the continents, they absorbed the traditions, music, and dance from the multiple cultures they encountered.

The first groups of these travelers migrated into Great Britain by the end of the 15th century. They were initially welcomed by the local gentry and royalty to camp on the outskirts of towns or just outside city walls, and were often paid for playing music or telling fortunes.

Hearts of Khyber derives its name from the Khyber Pass, an integral, yet often treacherous, part of the ancient Silk Road. Having a heart of Khyber means you have the strength and fortitude to be the hardiest of travelers!

Come and visit the Hearts of Khyber encampment and watch these mysterious travelers perform live, historical music and dance!"

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raveling Archery booth. We teach all ages how to properly shoot Archery, with a wonderful Renaissance theme. Messeage us for booking information.

Holly and Jesse Johnston

The Great Richy Bee is a Second generation clown and performer born and raised in San Francisco CA where he honed his comedy skills street performing on fisherman‘s wharf. Now he is a father and husband presiding in Sacramento CA where he still performs his unique One man circus for private and public events. You can follow him on Facebook and Instagram @ The Great Richy Bee’s One-Man Circus.

Holly and Jesse Johnston

Jesse"s thrilling variety acts feature incredible displays of dexterity and balance, big laughs, and an engaging atmosphere that will be remembered by audiences of all kinds. He utilizes his talents t ocreate quality entertainment with a variety of mediums.

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(Free tastings)
Come watch our Celtic Cooking  
demonstrations and taste the flavors of the
8 Celtic Nations
CHEF Eric W. McBride

Award Winning Chef
Author of 6x Celtic Cookbooks
Book I: Scottish Recipes
Book II: Irish Recipes
Book III. Wales & Manx
Special Print:
Celtic-Style Vegetarian recipes
Bacon Celtic Cookbook
NEW BOOK -Soups, Sauces, Stocks & Stews

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The Celtic Caterer & Chef Eric W. McBride 
12:00 pm Wild Mushroom Bruschetta
1:30 pm Creamy Saffron & Garlic Soup
3:00pm Scotch Eggs w/ Dijon Aioli
4:30 pm Guinness Chocolate Walnut Cake

12:00 Pumpkin Soup w/Bacon &Blue Cheese Crumbles
2:00 pm Celtic Fried Cheese
3:30 pm Breton Almond Crème Patisserie

Just days until the Celtic New Year's Celebration!
at the Frogtown Fairgrounds in Angels Camp, CA.